Training and consulting to help people and organizations progress


Lewis Training & Consulting (LTC) is an Austin-based training company, working with organizations and individuals on leadership development, communication strategies, behavioral interviewing, and assessments. We offer customized training sessions, consulting and coaching with individuals or teams, and retreat and meeting facilitation services.


Our philosophy
Organizations and individuals have something in common: they want to be successful and differentiate themselves from the competition. Organizations want to identify potential leaders from within their ranks to inspire others to accomplish their goals and to plan for a successful future. People want to grow professionally and personally and to accumulate the skills and self-knowledge to maximize their personal strengths. By acquiring personal communication skills, understanding their strengths, and learning how to think strategically, individuals can design their own best practices.

Lewis Training & Consulting provides customized training and coaching to help organizations motivate employees, identify the ‘best fit’ job descriptions for employees, and to successfully communicate their internal mission statements.

Retreat and meeting facilitation services provides coaching and training to design a customized ‘blueprint’ to collaborate, solve problems, and overcome internal communication blocks. Employees benefit by identifying their strengths, learning how to focus on the best outcomes, and eliminating communication obstacles with co-workers and supervisors.

The result is an organization with a clear path to achieve its goals and employees armed with self awareness and knowledge of how to manage work relationships.